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Can I Reproduce the Artwork of Charline Lancel?

All artwork and writings of Charline Lancel are protected by national and international copyright laws. Please respect the intent of these laws which support the vision of Charline Lancel.

If you are unclear whether the use you have in mind is permitted, please inquire with a description of intended use to

This document is subject to revision without notification.



Under the following conditions and for no fee, you may include images by Charline Lancel in your workshop or lecture :

As a power point presentation (no film or video without further permission) with credit to the artist while the artwork is on the screen. Permission is not given for the art to be included in a video recorded presentation for sale or for posting on the web.

Files will NOT be provided for this use.


ONE image may be used on your personal (non-commercial) web site with the following stipulations.

A link to must be visible WITH the image. The image used must be no larger than 400 pixels/ 3 inches in either dimension. Images of Charline Lancel’s art MAY NOT be used on a homepage. Images of Charline Lancel’s art MAY NOT be used as backgrounds, cropped, adapted customized or otherwise presented in a manner that obscures or interrupts the image. No type over the image. Images may not be used on web sites considered inappropriate by the artist. Images may not be modified, colored, animated, adapted, collaged, used as a graphic design element, or altered in any way.


Images must not exceed 200 pixels in any dimension

Images used must include with the image. Images may not be modified, colored, animated, collaged, adapted, customized or used as an element in a graphic design.

Images are not provided for this use.


If art is intended to accompany an interview or article featuring or discussing in some depth the life and art of Charline Lancel, files will be provided and the use is free.

Use of the art of Charline Lancel to illustrate any subject other than a discussion of the art and life of Charline Lancel is not permitted.

For permission to use art in a magazine, book or scholarly paper discussing in some depth the art and life of Charline Lancel, send a description of the intended use to


Reproduction rights for the use of art by Charline Lancel are reserved for projects that Charline Lancel specifically gives her endorsement.

Charline Lancel does NOT grant permission or sell reproduction rights for the use of his art on collateral material — such as, brochures, business cards, pamphlets, information promoting a private practice of any kind.

Reproduction rights are not granted for :

Use in self-published books, workbooks or technical books.

  • No photo copies whatsoever.

  • No blotter art.

  • No party fliers.

  • No personal business promotion, including business cards, brochures, websites, etc.

  • No projections at parties without approval.

  • Charline Lancel does NOT allow her art to be collaged, customized, copied, adapted, incorporated, photoshopped, in anyway altered or used within another artists work.

  • If you have questions whether the use you have in mind is permitted, send your inquiry with a description to

Copyrighted Infringement is a violation of law that may be liable for statutory damages plus legal fees for each infringed upon image.

Info about copyright :

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