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Contact me by phone or email for a free on-site consultation. We can assess how art displayed in your workspace can promote a positive image of your business. Upon visiting your office, I take pictures of the spaces where art can be integrated and find out which artwork works best for you company. 

You will receive my tailored offer, customized to the values of your company, your proposed budget and timeframe.  The pictures in the proposal show what your offices will look like with a fine selection of artworks, making it convenient for your colleagues to decide on what design to choose from.

We schedule a time for the installation. I take care of everything : delivery, installation and insurance of the selected collection. You can change the collection every year.


Did you know that renting art is 100% tax deductible for businesses?

Art rental,

what does it cost?

It depends on what artworks you like. Prices vary, from the most affordable to the more exclusive, depending on the works chosen and the type of contract agreed upon. One thing is for certain: renting will always be far more affordable than purchasing! Let's say you love this beautiful triptych below and you want it for your business or private space. The dimensions of the triptych are 3x55x55cm and the purchase price is 4250€ (Chromaluxe). The yearly rental fee for this triptych, however, is only 550€, and it includes transport, installation, all-risk insurance. Art rental is 100% tax deductible for businesses. (all prices mentioned are before the 21% VAT). Are you thinking about buying the painting after a year? Then your paid rental fee will deducted from the purchase price.


Feel free to contact me by mail for more information.

2017-08-11 16.46.34-2.jpg

Do you think about embellishing your office with original Belgian art?

Let's consult the catalog of available works :

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